I had recently read that the average age that children move out of their parents’ homes is (shockingly) around the age of 30. So, I guess, it was not entirely inappropriate that the Classic Shades Painting, in business since 1985, got out of its own parents’ home (Yefim’s).

A perceived economic advantage, longer commute and sheer inertia were just a few reasons that made this move difficult to undertake. But now that we are out, I have to admit, it feels good!

Situated in the San Francisco Bayview district, here we have a small warehouse with an adjacent single room office. More space to breathe in and to store our equipment, with one added bonus – the weather is better here than in the Sunset. And this, of course, adds up to a happier Classic Shades Painting company that is better equipped to deliver on our company motto: “Great looking, long-lasting paint job. Guaranteed!”