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Key to Getting the Best Deal on a Painting Job

About once a week I get a call from someone looking to get a phone quote on a painting job. They simply give me a number of rooms or the square footage and just ask for a price. These people are just looking for the best deal they can get. I can't really... Read More

How to Evaluate Painting Proposals

A common mistake that I see homeowners make, in shopping for a painting job, is to just invite a bunch of painters over, point them to the project and, without much preamble, ask them for a painting quote.... Read More

How to Select the Best Painting Contractor

The fact is that there is a big difference between painting companies. Consider the ingredients that make up a company: contractor philosophy, a focus on quality, level of service, employee commitment, painting procedures, experience, communication, and... Read More

Importance of Paint Surface Preparation

You may have heard it said that good surface preparation is an important part of a paint job. Well, this is very true but good preparation can mean different things to different people. Also, what can be considered good preparation for one type of surface... Read More

Steps for Paint Surface Preparation

People tend to put a lot of emphasis on paint finishes. Of course, the importance of a new and sparkling paint film of a well chosen color can't be over stated. After all, this is what they will be looking at after the paint has dried. But if this look... Read More

Why Paint Bubbles

Why paint is bubbling and how to fix it.... Read More

How to Evaluate Quality of Paint

Where house painting is concerned, one of the prime objectives is to ensure that the paint remains bonded to its substrate and that it retains its essential properties for as long as possible. Selection of the right paint materials is absolutely crucial... Read More

Introduction to Paint Colors

As a painting contractor, the most common question I hear from clients is: "What color should I choose?" This is a very good question indeed! After all, it is a decision that they will have to live with for a very long time.... Read More

More About Paint Colors - The Color Wheel

Time and time again I see people struggling with color. Some people's eyes literally glaze over with bewilderment when faced with a color decision. Indeed, color selection can become the most difficult part of the whole house painting process. Sometimes,... Read More

Color Scheme Building

Once you have some understanding of color basics and have an idea as to why we refer to the color wheel as a color tool, we can take a closer look at a practical application of this information and the use of a few easy rules and formulae in color scheme... Read More

Color Computer

The Color Computer is an easy to use tool that can help you visualize color harmonies and results of various color mixes. There are a few Color Computers on the market developed by the different manufacturers. The one I use is by M. Grumbacher, Inc..... Read More

Painting a Victorian

If your home was built between the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th centuries, chances are that you live in one or another form of Victorian architecture.... Read More

Customer Satisfaction and Customer Service

I am sure you have heard plenty about the importance of customer satisfaction. But what exactly is customer satisfaction? ... Read More

Maintaining Your New Exterior Paint Job

Tips for how to maintaining your new exterior paint job... Read More

Maintaining Your New Interior Paint Job

Tips for maintaining your interior paint job ... Read More

Contractor's Resume

My Story - It was a hot summer of 1974 in the Ukraine. For someone who was only fourteen years old, I was faced with a pretty big decision to make - remain in school and continue to be a kid or join the ranks of adults and enroll into a trade sch... Read More

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